Meetings in Michigan and Beyond

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PSA from Area 34 for Groups

The New Group Information Change Form would be used for meeting location changes, group name change, GSR, Alternate GSR & Virtual meetings. The new group forms do not ask for meeting times, click here for form. The New DCM & DCMC Information Change Form would be used for outgoing & incoming DCM’s & DCMC’s. All forms must be completely filled out. Click here for that form. The information from the forms will be updated at Fellowship Connection (GSO) by the Area 34 Registrar. Your Area 34 Registrar email ( and mailing address (10790 Woodbushe DR. S.E. Lowell, MI 49331)  is located at the bottom of the forms at Area 34 Website. This is the best way to submit your forms.  By submitting your group change/DCM forms directly to your area registrar, they go straight to GSO from there. This is the best way to keep your group connected with AA as a whole.

Areas and Service Entities Within Michigan