Central Office

Our Office
Incorporated on March 15, 1989, the Northern Michigan Central Office (formerly District 11 Central Office) has been a main hub of service for the AA and Al-Anon community in our area. From providing crucial services at the office for individuals and groups, as well as phone (and now internet) communications, we are the supporting services for the alcoholic who still suffers, as well as the recovering alcoholic and family.  Our location information:

3291 Racquet Club Drive, Suite B
Traverse City, MI 49684

Our office hours are from 12p-5p MON/WED/THU/FRI, TUE 12p-6p, and Saturdays by appointment. We welcome you to come visit us any time! We are here for you.

Volunteer Opportunities
Come join the Central Office staff to ensure that the services we provide continue to be available to the AA community, and to carry the message to every suffering alcoholic who reaches out for help.  Please fill out our online form or call us at 231-946-8823.

At the Office
The most important words a suffering alcoholic will hear when they reach out for help are, “Alcoholics Anonymous… May I help you?” Our office must be staffed and our phones answered when someone makes the call that can ultimately help save their lives.  And when a recovering alcoholic is traveling and needs directions to a meeting, we are there. When someone who is new to AA, wants to purchase AA literature or, when an AA group needs to restock their own supply of AA literature, we are here to provide these services as well.

Northern Michigan Central Office also maintains and distributes our AA meeting schedule.  When a member, either new to the area or AA, stops in to get a meetings list, or a group member stops in to pick up a stack of them for their home group, we must be here to distribute these meeting lists.

Call Forwarding
After regular office hours, our volunteers answer calls – for meeting information, people asking what it means to be an alcoholic, and even 12 step calls.  Calls are anonymously forwarded to these volunteers’ phones to provide access to the alcoholic in need of our service.  Shifts are somewhat flexible and open to anyone with 6+ months of sobriety.

Twelfth Step Call List
We are always in need of people for the 12-step list from every part of our area to respond when an an alcoholic calls for help and needs us in person.   It is the 12th step in action.

As of our April 2021 meeting, we have decided to discontinue our rides services.

Board of Directors
The Board of Directors of Northern Michigan Central Office meets every third Tuesday of the month at 5:30P on zoom:  #810-670-4759 PW 123.  All are welcome to attend.

The current Board membership is (as of 5/1/21):

    • Ted K., President
    • Nick N., Vice President
    • Ericka H., Secretary
    • Megan T., Treasurer
    • Joni B., Member At Large
    • Tamra C., Member At Large
    • Andy W., Member At Large